Encore Jets is about serving those who are want more from their private jet provider, offering modern day flyers with the industry’s leading alternative solutions to jet cards and fractional ownership. We offer a complete collection of private jet solutions—from on-demand charter to customized membership programs – to the world’s most sophisticated private aviation consumers. Without locking you into options you don’t want or need, experience the Encore difference and learn why our business model is changing the way the world flies privately.

Encore Jets is an ultra-luxury on demand private jet provider. Ultra-luxury means holding ourselves to the highest standards, providing flyers like you access to only the most beautiful, safest, pristine aircraft available in the market. We offer only late-model aircraft with low ours, and focus real attention to safety maintaining the highest level of airworthiness and aircraft operating standards.

Encore Jets offers attractive rates for popular charter flights between more than 40,000 airports worldwide.

The Encore standard

Encore Jet’s front-end team consists of over 20 Account Executives and client service professionals, available 24/7, to work directly with you to provide in-depth and transparent advice, and craft a personalized flying experience.

Encore Jets creates flexible and highly personalized ways to fly on-demand, for business and leisure. From start to finish, Encore Jets controls the details that go into your flying experience, from your expert Aviation Advisor tasked to provide you with flight options to the dedicated team arranging the comforts and luxury you receive on board.

Through Encore Jet’s approved charter fleet of carefully vetted operators and aircraft, the company offers a wide range of aircraft types to suit big or small trips.

Flight programs

Encore Jets offers distinct and easy ways to fly, ranging from on-demand charter to our collection of membership programs. Each option offers industry-leading benefits designed to fit the needs of our clients. Allow our team to assess your flying portfolio to provide you with the best program.

Encore Jets’ collection of on-demand, private flight solutions enables modern day flyers to meet their needs with less hassle and more flexibility than ever before. That means no more upfront costs, rigid terms, bloated bottom lines and long-term commitments. Now you fly when you want and how you want, and you only pay for the time and features you use. Welcome aboard a new class of possibilities.

Fleet access

We believe in delivering the most value for every flight and it typically begins with selecting the right aircraft. Every single one of our aircraft and operators adhere by the highest standards in aircraft safety and conditions. Each aircraft operates within Part 135, and is Wyvern Registered and Argus rated for safety. Our approved charter fleet consists of over 5,000 aircraft worldwide.

Encore Jets offers everything from turboprop aircraft to VIP airliners, all maintained under the highest standards of safety and service in private aviation. Each private aircraft is custom-configured to enhance the onboard experience with features including complimentary Wi-Fi, full-service galley with gourmet snacks, beverages and spirits and comfortable captain chairs.

Flight safety

Encore Jets is committed to the uncompromising safety of every flight and it begins with a shared responsibility across our entire organization. Recognized as a leader in the industry, our robust safety organization reports directly to the CEO. Focused on reliability, quality assurance, and quality control, the Encore Jets Safety Management System incorporates best practices from the U.S. Air Force, Coast Guard and commercial airline carriers and applies them to private aviation.

Onboard service

We provide complimentary flight attendants for on all aircraft sizes that are heavy jet size and larger. For any requests for flight attendants on smaller aircraft size categories, they can be arranged at an additional cost of $500 - $1000 per leg.

Encore Jets is proud to be the first broker to offer complimentary ground Wi-Fi across select aircraft in our approved charter fleet. Please note, complimentary Wi-Fi is only available within the continental 48 states; any flights over extended bodies of water will not have Wi-Fi access or will be additional satellite wifi.

All Encore Jets flights are complimentary of standard catering, including oselection of premium snacks, beverages, and spirits. For a complete list of items, please contact your personal Account Executive. Items outside of this menu may be requested for an additional fee.

Encore Jets can arrange a variety of catering options. For our complete menu, please contact your personal Account Executive.

Standard procedures

FAA regulations require all passengers to comply with the transportation of Hazardous Materials. For our complete list, please contact your personal Account Executive.

Yes, to adhere by FAA regulations, all passengers listed on the flight manifest will be required to present a government-issued photo ID before boarding.

Aviation terminology

ETA or Estimated Time of Arrival is the estimated local time of arriving at your destination, including taxi time.

ETE or Estimated Time Enroute is the estimated flying time between your departure and arrival city, including taxi time, given standard flying conditions.

An FBO or Fixed Based Operator refers to the ground handling company at each departure and arrival airport.

Wheels up is the statement made when an aircraft has taken off from the ground.

An ASAP or Pop Up refers to a trip that needs to occur ASAP.

A 2 hour call out refers to the amount of time it requires for an aircraft to be able to be wheels up, from the time of receiving completed paperwork. The call out time is for the pilots to get to the airport, log the flight plan and schedule slots and fuel the aircraft.